Divya Sharira

Eternal Life
for Extraordinary Beings

Do you want to write a Spiritual Will to experience a Divya Sharira (a Divine etheric body), either while living in the body or after leaving the body?

Reserve a spot for yourself and your loved ones in Adi Kailasa – the land of Paramashiva, to be worshipped as a divine soul forever. The ashes, or a favourite object belonging to you or your loved one will be installed and consecrated under a Shiva Linga.

The science of Divya Sharira, along with various other such esoteric sciences are now on the brink of extinction. There is no place on planet earth left for these sciences to be shared and practiced in peace. Now the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam, His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam is reviving this very ecosystem in such a way that it remains invincible, forever in Adi Kailasa.


DAY 2 | 8 OCT 2021




Utsava Murthy of Parashakthi is decorated expressing in the form of Devi Meenakshi Ambal




SPH in the garbha mandir of the temple is decorated as Parashakti manifesting in the form of Devi




Utsava Murthy of Parashakti is decorated as Meenakshi Ambal and is worshipped with 16 offerings that
are favorite to Parashakti. As part of it a special Samputita Archana will be offered with the 108 names of
her manifestations describing her divine quaities. Samputita karana is unique to the Shakta Sampradaya
where 2 mantras are merged together to offer worship. A select verse from the Devi Mahatmyam will be
merged with the 108 names and the archana is done.


Dravya Homa and Purnahuthi 


Vishesha Dravya CHANDI Homam is the offering of all the sattvika guna foods into the Agni Kunda. Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra and Ananta are invoked within the Agnikunda. The Agni kundas top is said to be
the very mouth of the gods, while the pit below is the stomach of the gods. In the Vishesha Dravya homa, various fruits, cooked rice, the coconut is offered as it represents the head of the devata. Finally the
Annam is adorned with clothing and flower garlands and is worshipped as the embodiment of the Devata. In the Poornahuthi Homa select offerings of Turmeric, kumkum and favourite dry foods of Devi such as almonds, raisins, cashew, etc are offered into the chandi agni, right before the final offerings of Purnahuti. which includes a Saree, Silver Mangalyam, SIlver coins and flower garland for Chandika devi.




Dasha Bhairava Puja is offered to young boys who are blessed by and initiated by SPH Swamiji to radiate powerful manifestations of Parashakti as Dasha Bhairavas. Children are the pure manifestations of Parashakti, with an innocent powerfulness through which the divine can be glimpsed. Parashakti’s own extensions are the Nava Kumaris. Rarest of Rituals when devi Parashakti is invoked in living persons and worshipped. 9 married women who are initiates of SPH Swamiji, sit as the navadurga form of Parashakti. This unique revival of worship is one of the rarest, where Parashakti is actualized and is embodied and represents an actual physical body of a Suvasini. As SPH Swamiji says women are an embodiment of Parashakti, here is a very ritual in Hinduism recreating the same Sacred sentiments Ramakrishna had when he offered Jadadhatri Puja to Sharadha devi.




This is the offering of the devi mahatmyam, the chanting of 700 verses to Durga Devi

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