Paramashivoham Level is an immersive 16-days AWAKENING event to teach science of manifesting the ultimate consciousness.



Day 1     Paramashiva, Science of Power  Manifestation *3rd Eye Initiations for Manifesting powers*

Day 2     Ganesha, Discover You – Genesis of your  identity *Vidyarambham Initiation*

Day. 3     Dakshinamoorthy, Kalpataru – Manifest  your reality *Kalpataru Initiation and Shivadeeksha Level 1*

Day 4      Paramashiva Unclutching-Straight Path to  Enlightenment  *Unclutching Initiation*

Day 5       Subrahmanya, Conquering Life

Day 6       Devi, Conquering Relationships

Day 7       Venkateswara, Conquering Wealth

Day 8       Kalabhairava, Going beyond fear of death *Death Mediation And Shivadeeksha Level 2*

Day 9        Vaitheeswara, Conquering Health *Healers Initiation*

Day 10      Lord Surya, Entire Universe is In You

Day 11      Krishna, Living Enlightenment

Day 12      Devi, Discover the Mother in You

Day 13      Ashta bhairavas, Entire Universe is In You Converting Problems to Powers

Day 14      Nataraja, Upanishads

Day 15      Dakshnamoorthy, Finding your Guru   

Day 16      Swamiji,  I am Nithyananda